12.7mm / Half Inch Water Based Ink Cartridge Black – BT-2560N




BENTSAI ensures the quality of its cartridges with superior components and rigorous quality control from assembly to finishing. Each cartridge undergoes thorough testing to guarantee customers receive optimal "Value for money."

BENTSAI's original Inkjet Cartridges, like the BT-2560N, are exclusively designed for specialized Handheld Printers, specifically the BT-HH6105 series. To purchase these ink cartridges, ensure you have the compatible Handheld Inkjet Printer. The BT-2560N, featuring aqueous ink, is versatile for various industry applications, allowing printing of production dates, contact information, product details, and more when assembled with the BENTSAI BT-HH6105 Series Handheld Mobile Inkjet Printer.

This water-based ink is suitable for porous and semi-porous substrates like handicraft paper, corrugated cardboard, and wood. It is ideal for labeling products, printing expiration dates, relabeling warehouse bins, or creating diverse content for arts and crafts, including barcodes, QR codes, and logos.

The BT-2560N's water-based ink has a typical instant to a few seconds dry time, with extended drying times based on application and environmental conditions. To maintain optimal performance, remove the cartridge from the printer and cover it with the provided plastic cap if the printer is inactive for more than 10 minutes, preventing the ink cartridge head from drying out.

Each package includes 1 Pack of BENTSAI Original Water-based Water-soluble Ink Cartridge BT-2560N in Black. A reminder to cover the cartridge with its plastic cap when not in use for more than 10 minutes to prevent ink drying and nozzle blockage, ensuring the best print quality.

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