Bentsai – Handheld Printer – 25mm Print Height – B35



The BENTSAI B35 printer is versatile, supporting both water-based and quick-drying ink cartridges. It features automatic identification of ink cartridges, allowing the machine to adjust printing settings for optimal performance.

It can be used on a variety of surfaces, including both water-absorbing and non-absorbent materials such as wood, coated paper, plastic, food bags, ceramic, metal, PV tube, aluminium foil, etc.

The printer supports 1 to 10 lines of printing, with a maximum font height of 25mm and a maximum single printing length of 406mm. The highest resolution for printed pictures is 4800 x 150 pixels, and the supported picture formats are limited to PNG, JPEG, and BMP.

Simple Operation: Easily print on various material surfaces using our convenient Handheld Inkjet Printer. Choose your desired content, press the lightweight printer onto the printing surface, trigger the device, and smoothly slide the printer for a seamless printing experience.

The product features an intuitive user interface with a 4.3-inch HD capacitive touch screen, providing clear visuals and responsive operation. Users benefit from free training and on-site demonstrations to ensure easy and comprehensive operation.

The Bentsai B35 is an inkjet printer designed for assembly lines, featuring a position plate for quick and precise printing on objects. It boasts a high-resolution output of 300DPI and a rapid print speed of 10 meters per minute. This enables the printer to produce detailed graphics, high-density barcodes, and small text with clarity. Additionally, the electronic sensor enhances its functionality on assembly lines, contributing to increased productivity in production processes.

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