Printer Portable – Bentsai – 12mm Print Height – BT-HH6105B3


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The B3 machine caters to a diverse range of printing needs, encompassing text, numbers, symbols, QR codes, barcodes, images, time, date, DIY logos, tags, and various other printing tasks. It is capable of printing on ANY surface, including porous and non-absorbent materials such as wood, carton, stone, MDF board, pipes, metal, plastic, aluminum foil, cables, and more.

With a full charge, the machine provides 8 hours of standby time, and it can be used seamlessly while charging. This versatility makes it ideal for labeling products or packages in Ecommerce, imprinting expiration dates on supplements or food items, labeling and relabeling warehouse bins, or printing on diverse surfaces for arts and crafts projects.

A standout feature of the B3 Handheld Inkjet Printer is its Unique and Novel Variable Database Function. This includes variable text, variable QR codes, and variable barcodes, allowing for the creation of unique codes for individual items and facilitating product information tracking.

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