Bentsai – Handheld Printer – 100mm Print Height – B85



The BENTSAI B85 inkjet handheld printer offers a comprehensive range of printing capabilities, including lot numbers, expiration dates, time stamps, alpha-numeric text, logos, images, barcodes, and QR codes. Its fast-dry solvent inks excel in printing on non-absorbent surfaces like metal, plastic, or glass. The fully mobile B85 printer is compact, user-friendly, and easy to program, weighing around 2.75 pounds. It comes equipped with four black ink cartridges and features a built-in software system.

Wide-width inkjet printer with significant character capabilities. Featuring a cutting-edge design, the Bentsai B85 printer is capable of printing customized heights ranging from 10 to 100mm, accommodating up to 40 lines. Its adaptable print heads can be inserted individually or seamlessly spliced together for enhanced flexibility.

The versatile BENTSAI B85 wide-format handheld printer finds extensive applications in carton labeling, packaging services, construction materials, pipe industry, production facilities, trade, manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, construction works, and more. It supports printing on a diverse range of content, including text, numbers, symbols, pictures, real-time data, dates, variable counters, variable QR codes (QR code, DM code), variable barcodes, and variable text, providing a comprehensive solution for various industries.

The BENTSAI B85 excels in assembly line operations, offering rapid and precise performance. Equipped with a position plate, this inkjet printer ensures quick and accurate printing on objects. Its impressive 300DPI print resolution, coupled with a swift 10m/min print speed, facilitates the clear printing of detailed graphics, high-density barcodes, and small text. The inclusion of an electronic eye further enhances its utility on the assembly line, contributing to increased productivity in your production processes.

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